COMS10008 Imperative Programming

Lecturer Ian Holyer: for help, check his calendar to see if he is free and go to his office 3.27 in MVB.
Assignment deadlines are on Monday, so you can catch up over the weekend if necessary.
Last year, this unit was half of COMS10002: Programming and Algorithms 1.



link to SAFE for submission

10%2 Oct Getting Started
20%9 Oct Grade
325%16 Oct Triangle
40%23 Oct Strings
50%30 Oct Bits
625%6 Nov Oxo
70%13 Nov Text
8 explore week
925%27 Nov Pointers
100%4 Dec IO
110%11 Dec Graphics
1225%18 Dec Sketch


To make PDFs from slides yourself: use Chrome, press Alt-P to make all the slides visible at once, print, choose Save-as-PDF, check no margins etc.